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Nissan Silvia Grand Prix - build

Short review...

On the begining I bought a chassis without engine. First we had to remove all from inside and outside of a car. Even windscreen was removed.

This is how it looks inside:

To install bucket seats, we need to cut a floor. The biggest problem is, that when you do this you will have to change gearbox mounting points.
One side is ready:
and another shoot:

After this modification two thick pipes were welded (this is mounting point for bucket seats):

Meanwhile I bought old good engine ]:-) :

Next modification was roll cage. Of course it's not possible to get rollcage for S12. That's why I bought S13 roll cage and we modified it. Rear (straight) pipes were to short, so we need new one (but this is no expensive).

After rollcage time to flatten the trunk:

We know that FJ is a little bit heavy. My idea is to move it back, to improve center of gravity.

Next step was chassis:

and inside:

Rollcage in red:

Rear fenders and side skirts are on place:

To reduce weight I decided to remove all from inside :)
but i want to cover all holes that looks bad in my opinion. Of course i want to use carbon - but this shit is si expensive and impossible to cut withput waterjet, that i decided to use foamed PVC. Whis is cheap , looks good and it is easy to cut.

first paper template:

and after one hour results:

I changed concept and new final engine will be 1uzfe. Some last fotos:

Some works are done:

New brakes (300zx Turbo)

And some other parts: